and kids

and kids

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

At the Zoo

One of the "big deals" for 1st graders is the Zoo Trip at the end of the year.  Today I went on my last Zoo Trip as a Mom of a 1st grader!  And since I worked in the classroom so much this year, I also got to host a few of the other little guys that know me well and whose Mom couldn't make it.  I loved it!!! 
Petting something, can't remember what?
After a great presentation, we decided to have lunch before we toured the zoo.
Me and my guys!  I have loved teaching math to these guys every Wednesday!
Acting like the prairie dog
Checking out the skin types
Watching the peacocks strut
Petting the goats
And riding the carousel
And coming soon, especially exciting to me, you can see the announcement in the background......

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