and kids

and kids

Friday, May 16, 2014

Trailer Thief

Jason is a self-employed carpenter.  Has been for 10+ years.  It has it's perks.  It has it's disadvantages.

He has a truck.  He has a lot of tools.  When he goes from one job site to another, he has to take several trips to move his tools around.  So, we finally broke down and bought a trailer.  This means, I, the financial person, finally said ok.
We bought it from a friend of a friend that lived 7 hours away.  Our friend picked it up for us a few weeks ago.  We had a bill of sale and the title and just needed to get tags and insurance.

This morning, Jason and the kids left around 7:40.  I remember Omar going crazy around 8:30.  I even remember thinking, "he seems especially crazy today", but I didn't bother to look outside or check to see why he was barking.  He is Omar.  He is a little unstable.  When I put some garbage out at 9:00, the trailer was gone.

I texted Jason, "Did you come by?"  


"You didn't come by and get the trailer?"  (it is not so unusual for him to swing by)


Forget the texts, I called, "Honey, the trailer is gone...."

Well, I know his heart sank, mine sank and I was stinkin' (not really the word I want to put here) mad.  Why didn't I look out the window when the dog was going crazy?  Why would anyone back up their vehicle (tracks in our grass) and steal a trailer in broad daylight, when I was home?!?!

Mad doesn't even cover what I was this morning.  I called the police.  They came by and I filed a report.  I couldn't concentrate.  I couldn't work.  I put something on Facebook, had about twenty friends re-post my post.  Not much else to do.  It wasn't even an hour when my county and the next had been notified, plus hundreds of people via Facebook.  But I know, not much hope of ever seeing the trailer again. 

It isn't paid for.  It wasn't insured yet.  But thankfully it didn't have any tools in it.  And, in hindsight, thankfully, I didn't put the garbage out while they were here - who knows what would have happened?  They were crazy enough to take something that big in broad daylight, who knows what else they'd be crazy enough to do?  

So, for a brief moment, Jason had his dream of having a trailer.  But, for some reason, that was not necessary right now in the Lord's eyes.  I'm still praying for a miracle and that it possibly will be found.  And Jason did pray at dinner tonight for justice to be served for thieves.  :)

But, my initial response, honestly, wasn't revenge, just sadness for Jason.  Frustration for the head of the house that has so much stress on him.  And my other response was pure anger.  I kept telling myself, forget work and go get your prayer journal, but I didn't.  I did pray, but I was fighting the urge to really meditate to calm myself.  

I am still mad, but I have cooled down some.  So sad for Jason.  Proud of Omar for trying to tell me something, even if I wasn't listening.  And, maybe feeling a little more cautious about our neighborhood....

(apparently another trailer was stolen in the neighborhood a few nights ago - and it was full of lawn equipment)

And, did I mention I was mad?


  1. This sucks so bad. I don't even know what to say. We'll be praying too. :(

  2. I feel the anger too. I pray that it will be returned because our God has the power to do that. I pray for peace about the situation and confidence in God's plan. So sorry this happened.


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