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and kids

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Daegan's Year Long Project

To keep some of the advanced kids from getting bored, they send them to the Discovery Room at school to meet with a particular teacher.  Daegan has gone each year for math.  This year, as part of his extra math class, he and five other students were given a task to work on all year - they had to build a zoo.

They have been investigating and researching all year, what kind of animals to have, how much it costs to feed those animals, what kind of habitats they needed, the expense of building those habitats, the amount of money you should charge for a zoo entrance, the amount of money you should pay a zoo worker, etc.  

The end of the their project entailed building a display.  Today they displayed it for the school, for the parents, and for each class to come by and see it.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I went by (of course).  Much more detail than I expected.
 Sidewalks and trees, signs and trash cans.
 Polar bears had an enclosed "cold" area.

 Train/Rail that went around the display

 Maps to hand out so you could find you way.  :)
 Very good job!!!
 Proud of Daegan and his buddies for all their work.
He will be in 5th grade next year, but the school has contacted us and asked that he bypass the Discovery Room next year (for math) and just go straight to 6th grade math.  It makes sense and he is excited for the challenge!!

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  1. this makes me so happy. i love how the school is streamlining the math and reading classes so kids can go to the next grade up if they need a challenge during that hour.


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