and kids

and kids

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Car Wash for Camp

Mollee and Tavis are going to camp this Summer and the church youth group was having a car wash to raise money.  The first attempt was rained out, but today, they were trying again.  They weren't asking for donations - they only asked the kids to get sponsors for the car wash.  
 This was the view from them washing my car.  (Mollee)
 (Tavis and Elijah)
Those that sponsored the kids were guaranteed the kids would not wash more than 100 cars.  My "colleague", Jim, told the kids he would sponsor them and if they did get to wash 101 cars, he would give them an extra $101 for that 101st car.

This afternoon, I texted Jim to remind him to go by and get his car washed.  He was running late, of course, but he got there finally and when he got out of his car he asked how many they had washed and they told him (not knowing who he was) that he was the 101st car.  Hilarious Irony!!!

And, a most expensive car wash!

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