and kids

and kids

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

I don't typically RSVP for something 1) without Jason and 2) for something that is "unknown".  But, I also didn't want another Monday holiday with nothing to do.  Jason had decided to work and I was determined not to work.  So, I took a friend up on an offer and went to this cookout, not knowing anyone or what to expect.  The view was gorgeous
There was a pond/very small lake the kids played in and dropped off a rope swing into. 

 In all my anxiety of not knowing anyone or what to expect, we survived.  Even when my friend cancelled while we were loading up b/c of family illness.  Oh, well - we were already mentally prepared!

Eating in the barn! 
This was the barn from the pool area - it also had a basketball court that Tavis enjoyed for awhile with some big boys!
 And here is the pool - this "area" is a gorgeous secluded area with caves and hiking trails, etc.  Many people own lots, and way back in the back is this pool to enjoy.
 Which we did! 
 Eatin' Twizzlers and drinking Sprites
 Doesn't every pool have a beautiful stone bathroom?
 And a fire pit to cook s'mores (in 90 degree weather)?
 Four hours of exhausting sun, that we did without Daddy and without knowing anyone.  And it was fun!  The kids keeping asking when we get to go back....

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