and kids

and kids

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Day of School 2014-15

The Elementary Crew
 The Middle School Crew
 The height view (which I forgot this morning and had to take after school and the lighting is all messed up...)
And I just love this b/c these two are such buddies
 The Crew being happy!!!
What Grade?
 Mac - 2nd Grade
 Capps - 4th Grade
"Just Dill With It"
Daegan - 5th Grade
Tavis - 7th Grade
 Mollee - 8th Grade
First Day Reports - Mac says his teacher is crazy and fun!  Capps says his day was good and the new art teacher is awesome (which makes me sooo happy b/c I've been excited about our new art teacher all summer, mostly for Capps' sake).  Daegan enjoyed his day but didn't have a lot to say.  Tavis, oh, my Tavis.  He had one assignment to get his binder tabs set up for science and lost the list of what the tabs needed to say.  I keep telling him, this is the Year of Tavis.  I am taking deep breaths and I am sure he is gonna do better this year - unfortunately, not a good start....  And Mollee had a good day and has my old art teacher (her favorite class), and I think that is going to be great for her.  And she has different friends in different classes, because that is what is most important!

A good first day, for the kids.  I hate when they first head back and the house is quiet.  I actually took them this morning and I hate dealing with the traffic - that is Jason's job, but he needed to be on the other side of town much earlier in the day than 9:00.  So, I managed, but I just dropped everyone off and didn't walk anyone in because no one needed me to. 

And thus starts another school year!

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