and kids

and kids

Friday, August 22, 2014

Parent Orientation

Always a whirlwind of information, but always good to know what teachers are like and what they are going to expect.  And, honestly, if we have an issue down the road, it is nice to have face to go with the initial e-mail correspondence.

I am typically the go-to parent for these meetings, but when Monday rolled around and it was time for the Middle School meeting, I needed Jason to go (another story for another day about anxiety).  He gladly went with me and I was thrilled for him to meet all of these teachers that the kids talk about daily.

After only four days of school, these were the comments we heard (some that made us laugh):

"Tavis is squirelly"  "Mollee is soooo sweet"  "Tavis uses his time incredibly well in study hall" (which is hilarious b/c they have told the kids this year if they don't use their study hall they will be transferred out.  Without homework really starting he has just been drawing - just glad he hasn't been throwing spit wads, etc.)  "Tavis seems to have a better grasp at math than Mollee" (Oh, boy, she just was open about not understanding and he is such a politician)  "Ah, yes, Unsinkable?"

On Thursday, I went to the Elementary School one by myself.  I spend so much time in the ES you would think I wouldn't need to go, but I did and I didn't regret it.  This is what I learned:

Mac (not to my surprise is going to be a lot like Tavis) - apparently has had a notebook for the past week that I am supposed to sign each night saying we read together 10 minutes and did flash cards for 10 minutes, when I asked him about it he knew nothing?

Capps - his teacher raved saying he was doing great (knowing his pre-school jitters) and said everything he does is detailed - they were supposed to make a poster with their name on it and all the kids did theirs quickly, etc. and Capps only barely got done with the letter C.  I also talked with his advance math teacher and he said he was doing great and they already gave them a 2-day end-of-the-year test (he is in 4th grade and this is end-of-the-year 5th grade test) to see where everyone was after the Summer and Capps did extremely well on it.  *phew*

Daegan - since there were only two time slots, I missed his teachers presentation, but they say not much has changed since Mollee and Tavis went thru as far as expectations, agendas and assignments.  His teacher is excited about the year and said Daegan has already been fun to have in the class (he took his microscope in this week to show the slides he had of different things - mushrooms, blood, ??).  And I went and talked to his advanced math teacher and because of his personality, she assumed he was an only child.  HA!  And when I told her there were five, she assume he was the oldest.  Yep, we Browns do not fit the birth order stereotypes at all!!!

So, 1 1/2 weeks in and I think it is going to be a good year!!!  We just need to get into some good homework habits and bedtime routine - and iPad routine!

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