and kids

and kids

Saturday, August 16, 2014


It has dawned on me that Jason is an incredible carpenter and I am fairly crafty, but we rarely do projects together.  As close as it comes for us would be painting.  If a room needs to be painted, typically Jason does all the details, I roll the big sections and then leave him to finish and clean up.  

Part of the problem is that I am a "lets just get it done" type person.  And Jason is a "details, think about, make it perfect, etc." person.  There are so many ways that we are stereo-typically backwards in the male/female roles.

My job is getting files to a closing table (real estate).  There are a lot of details, but it is the same set of details each time and it is big picture goal.  Jason's job is carpentry and his specialty is trim carpentry - detailed work of crown molding and beautiful built-in bookcases and mantels.  And, more recently, tile work and beautiful decks.  Details!!!  

So, our kitchen table and chairs are hand-me-downs.  Nothing fancy, very beat up.  I covered them when we first got them, but it was past time to cover them again - way past time!  I finally bought some more fabric to cover the chairs and decided that was my only goal today.  The kids started school this week and the house was fairly clean and the laundry was caught up.  

Since it is my birthday weekend, Jason decided to hang out with me and help out.  Yep, there is a reason we do not do projects together.  :)  He was overkill on the staple gun and critiqued my "sloppy" job of pulling the fabric over the seat (which is probably 40 years old and no new stuffing).

It was actually fun to work with him and it went much faster having him staple while I was holding fabric taut.  Plus, after everything was covered I was able to to be done and let Jason put all the chairs back together!
I wanted different types of fabric.  The one it in the middle are the smaller chairs we use when guests come over; that is the fabric all the chairs were covered in.  We left the two small chairs and Jason's chair (only chair with arms?) with that fabric.  I love the red floral one.  Not so crazy about the brown one, but it will do until I find something else....

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