and kids

and kids

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Fun Mom Wednesday 2014

Of course, this does not mean I cannot be Fun Mom anymore!

Going into today, I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for the Grand Finale.  I felt like work was going to be kind and I was not going to feel stressed about getting my work completed, so that was good.

As the morning began, I thought I had come up with a fairly good idea.  The kids ate late breakfasts, so that worked well for my plan.  I worked until about 1:00 and then we headed to Steak N Shake.  I knew if we ate a relaxed long lunch, it would be Happy Hour by the time we were done and then we could get 1/2 price shakes.  That worked great.  We ended up leaving the house almost at 1:30, the kids were in good, playful moods and we had a great lunch.  Our server was fun and everything was perfect.

We got our shakes to go and headed to the next stop, which the kids still did not know about.  I was going to take them to a local putt-putt/go-kart place that I had wanted to try.  I knew it was hot and I was asking for trouble since it was all outdoors but I was willing to take the risk.   But since it is a small, family owned place and it, apparently, is only opened Thurs-Sunday.   *sigh*

So, plan B.

About that time, Jason was calling me to say he got home early.  And the kids were asking to just go the aquarium, which is funny to me, since we have a membership and it isn't anything new.  Why do I always think they need something new?  So, we swung by the house and picked up Jason (a special treat for me) and headed downtown.

The otters were being fed, so that was fun!
 Always fun to pet the stingrays - and I wondered, as Mac was climbing the wall (refusing to go to the shorter side) if any child had every fallen in?
 I think I could watch the shark tank all day....
 Being goofy with Tavis is also one of my favorite past-times.
 The boys watching the shark tank from underneath, a little unnerving but totally cool.
And, yes, I spent the money on the picture "they" took because Jason was actually with us!
Fun, Fun!

Now, we get to put school supplies together, meet teachers on Monday and start school next Wednesday.

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