and kids

and kids

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Dinner and Angel Food Cake at the Browns
 Morrocan Oil from Libby (and Daniel and Heather)
 A Turkey and Key Lime Bars at the Caines
 And you know you are old when you are excited about new sheets! 
 Last night Jason and I were able to sneak away for a couple hours to dinner at my favorite restaurant and then we went over to a new dessert place - here I got homemade marshmallows on shortbread, dipped in chocolate (top left), homemade peppermint patty (bottom) and salted-vanilla-caramel-chocolate(square).  So yummy!!
 And some salted caramels to go!
Jason also got be some Bose headphones to go with my iPad.  We don't have TV, but I watch Netflix and a few of my shows via the iPad and I needed some headphones, of course, he had to get the best ones.  They actually will be nice because I can use them during the day with my iPhone while working from home to answer the phone - unfortunately, vertigo is causing deafness slowly, so this is gonna be a treat all around!

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