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and kids

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Morning Running

Not for me, not yet.  I still will not say "never again" will I ever run, but I did destroy my ankle last time I tried, therefore, I am on a slow-weight-loss-program rather than kill-yourself-with-exercise program.  Honestly, I prefer the later, but that is not an option right now for this older version of me.  On a side note, I have lost 31 lbs thru Advocare since Christmas, and I am happy with that - and I haven't started exercising yet....

 I digress.

A few weeks ago, I gently reminded Mollee that soccer tryouts were coming up (next Monday and Tuesday).  She has not been stagnant this Summer, but she hasn't been running.  And she hasn't been to any Summer practices, at her decision.  So, I was encouraging her to get up and run.  Nothing major.  Just a 15 minute run each morning would make a huge difference in her tryouts.

That is when Daegan jumped in.  This boy cracks me up, maybe because I see a little bit of myself in him in this situation (and he is the book nerd, so I don't see myself in him often).  He is a morning person like me, and if he sets his mind to something, he does it.  No matter what.

He offered to get up and run with Mollee.  He said he would set his alarm on his watch and wake her up and go run with her in the neighborhood.  He picked the time 7:30, because that is when it isn't too hot yet.  Capps asked if he could join too.  I was ok with it and I was curious to see how it would all play out.  

I explained to the boys how they could map out a course and run/walk it the first week and then gradually work in more running.  And then eventually, you do it twice.  Well, these are the kind of challenges that Daegan loves.  I knew if I put that carrot in front of him, it would be great for Mollee too.

The problem I didn't foresee:  Daegan being able to get Mollee out of bed.  Typically, when he has gone to her, she has said, "Maybe tomorrow" and rolled over.  But, guess what?  Daegan and Capps still ran.  Next morning, same thing.  Daegan and Capps still ran.  Next morning, same thing.  Daegan and Capps still ran.  It has been amazing to see them get rejected every morning, but still try again.  I told them to stop asking her, but they said they wanted to offer each morning.  

She has gotten up twice and ran with them.  And those were rough runs.  I am not sure what she is thinking toward soccer try-outs, but I am trying not to stress about it.  This is one of those 'mom can only do so much' moments.  I've offered to take her to Summer practices, we offered to pay for soccer camp and we've encouraged her to run.  She did ask me to buy her something the other day for soccer and when I replied, "Let's see if you make the team first", I think she was horrified and hurt and then came to the realization that not making it was actually an option.  (We did miss tryouts last year and she didn't get to play, but they did cut 17 girls from tryouts last year.  Eeek)

But, I am proud of Daegan and Capps and their dedication.  And the reason I began this post this morning was because I heard them up earlier than normal, on a Saturday, and I was feeling a little frustrated.  I don't sleep in, but I try to keep the house as peaceful as possible so that Jason can sleep in.  When the boys get up, it gets Omar crazy and he has this crazy internal clock and he knows that every 6th day of the week, Jason is home in bed.  And he scratches at our bedroom trying to get to him.  When I asked the boys why they got up so early, they said they heard us talking about rain the night before and they wanted to get their run in before it started raining.


Really?  At age 10 and 11, are they really supposed to think of those sort of things?

Disclaimer on the others:  Tavis has been going to soccer camp during this time, and Mac has been sleeping in until 11:00 each morning????

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