and kids

and kids

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Caines Basketball Court

Growing up, there was a basketball game in the driveway often, usually, a few times a week. These games were very serious business. I have no idea how to even calculate how many I sat and watched.

Dad was very good at teaching my brothers, and my sisters (notice how I'm not on the list), the rules, smart moves to make, etc. But this is what he had to work with: JR, the maniac player - his tactic was to shock you by his craziness, whether it was yelling in your face or possibly relieving you of your shorts. Philip, the fouler - he felt no shame for any pain inflicted, he'd even inflict pain on himself by punching a wall or something if he made a stupid move. David, the jerk and only one that really played basketball - usually trying to make you laugh or say something cocky that made you want to destroy him. Heather, who was always in on the playing and was tough up against the boys. Ruth, who was a lot younger, was usually sent to chase the balls that went down the hill.

When Jason joined the family, I was very excited to watch him join in these games. And then Jon joined in also - I think we even have pictures of Gary playing a little bit while he was here? :)

Today, after the Egg Hunt, the David Caines' were around to play. Somehow, the Dads (Papa, Jason, Jon and David) and Heather started a game of H-O-R-S-E. Might I add, my hubs won!!!!
Soon, the cousins started to linger out near the court and they decided to play an organized game. It was the Dads against Heather and the cousins.
At first, I didn't understand the why it was split this way, but Dad said it was teach them to play together and let the Dad's just put a little pressure on them - Smart!
It was so fun! I look forward to the boys playing many, many more games in Papa's driveway.
And I look forward to continue my post as cheerleader sitting in the sun!

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