and kids

and kids

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mac's 5-yr-old check up

So, I don't post these kind of posts much anymore. One, because most of my kids are only required to come in every other year. Two, because after this one, our insurance doesn't cover them anymore (no vaccines and no check-ups after age 5, nice!)

Mac had his check-up today. He aced the eye test and we were able to check off everything on the list (dry at night, understands commands, communicates well, etc.). When Dr. asked him what hand he wrote with he rose his right hand? I said, no - give him a pen. Then he drew something with his left hand. Dr. asked again and he raised his right hand again? Not sure what that was about??

He was 36 lbs and 41 inches - both 15%. I'm not sure how accurate that is since we are 3 months late, but it helped him get on the charts. He also received the rest of his vaccines (not happy with Mommy) until age 12. This brought on further investigation of all the other kids shots - Mollee is complete until her b-day (age 12), Tavis needs both new Hepatitis shots, Daegan needs second new shot, Capps is complete and now Mac is complete - glad I checked into those!

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