and kids

and kids

Friday, April 6, 2012

Water Leak Entertainment

Sometimes, the strangest things lead to great entertainment.

My parents noticed a leak to the side of their driveway around 4:30 (on Good Friday afternoon). Of course, the cousins were all about playing in the water.Mollee and Tavis can drive me crazy with their shenanigans, but they sure do have fun!The water company came out and had to dig to fix the problem. The kids (and Papa) made sure they had an audience.
Poor guys were just about to get off work and got to end, not only their work day, but their work week like this.I was running errands thru most of it, but did stand around a little while and then drug my kids home. At 9:00, they were still digging.

(And the next morning, it was leaking again and they had to come back out)


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