and kids

and kids

Friday, April 27, 2012

Taters and Tubesteaks - 2012 edition

aka Jason/Daddy's Birthday!
Jason got home from work after 5:00, after a very long day, but the kids couldn't wait to give him his presents before we had to leave at 5:30 to head to Taters and Tubesteaks, an annual church cookout and then baseball game!  The kids got him a 3 lb bag of Reese's Pieces, a new book and a t-shirt that said "Angry Birds" but has a flustered Woodstock on it.

I also couldn't wait to give him his gift, as I got him an embosser to stamp his books "From the Library of...." (we seem to be losing books as he can never remember who he lent them to).

We headed to the park for a cookout and a few games.  And Pastor Mullinax had a 'birthday cake' waiting for Jason!!

Then we headed to the baseball game, where Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather met us and spoiled the kids with drinks and candy and peanuts that we never want to pay for at the game!
Mac had the cutest orange soda mustach, but I could never get a picture!
Mollee so involved in the game..... (jr. high coming soon)
 Tavis and Eric hanging out!
We actually made it to the 8th inning this year, but Jason wasn't willing to wait a little longer for the fireworks, so we made our hike to the van - which was soooo far away!!

Happy Birthday, Babe!

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