and kids

and kids

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vertigo Leads to Half Attended Seder Dinner

I had one of those, "Greta-style" days. You know, when bizarre things ruin your day?
I just wrote out three paragraphs and erased them all because I decided not to bore you with all the details. Here is what it boiled down to: I went to the dentist today to have my final appt - crowns after root canals. I have vertigo, and I knew I felt a little "off", but thought I'd be ok. The first 30 minutes were fine, but the dentist had me tilt one slight way and my world went spinning and I had to call it a day.
Once an episode starts I can take my some dramamine and just pray for relief - sometimes it takes a couple of hours, but usually I just have to sleep it off. If you've never had a vertigo experience, I can't quite explain how terrible it is. I am usually unable to walk without hitting a walk (a humorous thought, I know), and I can't lift my head off the pillow an inch without the world spinning - it is so bizarre. Unfortunately, this particular episode wasn't so kind and I ended up 'hugging the toilet' for awhile. I had to call mom to come get Mac because he was so upset that I was so sick. Hope I didn't scar him for life.
Therefore, I wasn't going anywhere for the remainder of the day.
Tonight was the Seder Dinner. The kids have been talking about it and excited about it for weeks. Unfortunately, I was out of commission. Fortunately, Jason was willing to take them without me - not something in his comfort zone, but he knew how important it was to the kids and he knew how much I wanted them to be able to go.
Since I wasn't there, no pictures, but, thanks babe for taking them!!!!

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