and kids

and kids

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome to the Big Boys Room

The new style is to have mis-matched furniture, right?

The desk was one of my siblings. The chair belonged to the Hildebrands. The two dressers are totally different and came from two different Henry kids rooms when they moved out and got married. The left bunk bed is the one that my brother slept in and then, strangely enough, Jason slept in when he lived with my parents for awhile. The newest addition - the bunk on the right we got this week from the Anands. And another set of bunk beds means Mac can sleep with the Big Boys.

I was hoping to put this off until Summer because the boys have to get up and get ready for school. And half the time, Mac sleeps in. But, I was not home at bedtime last night and Daddy agreed to let Mac sleep downstairs. He can be charmingly convincing, you know?

Hopefully, next post will be about my office set up in Mac's 'old' room.

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