and kids

and kids

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Granny Allie

My Grandma Allie lived to be 103.  She raised five kids after she lost two husbands to death at a young age.  She made it through the Depression and was able to keep her farm.  I am truly amazed by her strength and look forward to seeing her again someday - healthy and leaping thru Heaven.

I have many fond memories of the farm in Bishopville, SC.  On our Summer trips to Pennsylvania and Myrtle Beach, we always made our way to the farm for Aunt Irene to spoil us with a big Southern meal.  I remember sweet tea, cornbread and my favorite, peach cobbler.  Aunt Irene is my Grandmother's Sister-in-law (Grandma Allie's daughter-in-law).

I also remember the Farm!  The big cotton-picking machines, the trucks, the fields and fields and fields.  As a kid, I was so amazed by these things.

Last week, Aunt Irene passed away.  My parents were able to attend the funeral, and Mom took a bunch of pictures of the old McCutchen Homestead, so I wanted to post them here


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