and kids

and kids

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hurry up and Wait!

That was the name of the game for me today.

I signed up to work in Daegan's class every Friday morning to help with spelling tests, reading centers or whatever else Mrs. Wilson needs.  Therefore, I knew I had to take the kids to school this morning, which meant I had to get up way earlier than I prefer.

I got up early enough to be showered, completely dressed for work (meaning hair and makeup, not just grunge) and enough time to get a few e-mails done and some paperwork scanned - all BEFORE I woke the kids up at 6:45.

Kids up, everyone dressed, I packed lunches while they ate breakfast and then we hurried out the door.  Only to sit in traffic on the way to school.

The kids jumped out of the van, to get in before the bell rang and since I had twenty minutes before I was needed, I parked and waited in the van enjoying some music that I picked out and sipping on the hot tea I made as we were heading out the door.

When I got to the classroom I remembered the kids had NWEA testing this morning and I wasn't technically needed until later.  I helped monitor the test, meaning I walked around the computer lab (instead of coloring in dots, they were just clicking on the computer) and helped if the kids had any questions - for an hour.

Then I helped with spelling tests, monitoring snack time on the playground and then I graded some papers.

At that point, it was almost lunchtime for kindergarten, so I figured I might as well run across the street and get a Subway, and then I listened to voice mails and answered e-mails on my phone until Mac's class got the cafeteria (how wonderful to be able to work, even while at school).

I ate with Mac and then waited around and sat with the other kids as their classes cycled thru for their lunchtime.

I left school and picked up some paperwork at a title company and then headed to the office.  I got a few more things taken care of, and before I knew it my alarm on my phone (yes, I have to have an alarm now) was telling me to go pick up the kids.  I headed to school and waited in the eternal carpool line to get the kids.

When we got home, I had a lot of work to catch up on and I worked for two hours, while the kids watched tv - Friday afternoon is the only time they get to watch tv these days.  Jason was picking Mollee up from soccer practice, then she had to get a shower and be out the door to leave the church on a Jr. High Retreat.

They got home at 5:35 and we were supposed to be at the church by 6:00.  She showered quickly, but we didn't make it in time, which was not big deal since they it was 6:45 before the vans actually pulled out of the parking lot.

I then headed to the nearest drive-thru, Hardees, to get some dinner.  If you are in a hurry, do not pick Hardees.  Their food is good, because the really don't cook it until you order and it is a fairly slow process. I waited and waited and waited for our order and by the time I got home and we were eating dinner, it was close to 8:00.  And then I remembered I was supposed to feed Mollee dinner before I dropped her off.  *sigh*

So, I hurried up and waited all day and now I'm going to hurry up, get ready for bed and wait to fall asleep....NOT, I'll be in sleepy land real soon....

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