and kids

and kids

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Andrew and Tori

A few weeks ago, we sent a card to our hero, Andrew.  He is walking with prosthetics  now and continues to go thru physical therapy at Walter Reed.  He was also recently awarded a Bronze Star.  He and his beautiful bride, Tori, are an amazing story of courage, faith, endurance, patience, etc.

I told the kids we needed to make him another card, because we pray for him all the time and he has made such progress lately.  We follow his daily updates on Facebook, so I told the kids to draw something for him that represents things that he would like (according to what they know from FB). 
Of course, we did the name in a flag for this soldier, and then in the inside - Mollee did golf, Tavis did a military scene and then he did Frosted Flakes (because their GREAAAT!), Daegan did a CCS picture and Capps did baseball/Atlanta Braves.  I asked Mac to do something (age 5) and he did Star Wars, because,
"Mom, everyone likes Star Wars"!!
Today, we got a thank-you card from Andrew and Tori for our card and our prayers.  I know they get lots of cards every week.  To take the time to acknowledge our card, meant so much to the kids.

Yep, they are amazing!

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