and kids

and kids

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday

1) Thankful again for texting - but this time, being able to text with sister who is on the other side of the world - literally.
2) Thankful for flute practice that happens outside (sorry to the neighbors).
3) Thankful for kids that don't care if we have cereal for dinner.
4) Thankful for Krispy Kreme Hot-Doughnuts-Now.
5) #5 last week, thankful I can finally share - Uncle Daniel and Aunt Heather are going to be parents!!! Whoo-Hoo!!!
6) Thankful for cool weather mornings, even if it means finding a jacket for everyone to have for first recess.
7) Thankful that on some days I can work in my "fat pants" - at our house this refers to pj pants and/or yoga pants.
8) Thankful for football.
9) Thankful for a husband that is patient with my stubbornness.
10) Thankful for Chris and Reba.

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