and kids

and kids

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The white jacket that lead to this post

I went consigning this morning and found this gorgeous, never worn, white jacket for Mollee.  And I was going to blog about it.  I paid $2.50 for it.  Never worn, people!  The extra button was still attached.
The fact that I bought a white jacket for my Moo, might mean I've lost my mind - but, hey, I didn't pay much for it.

And then I decided to blog about the rest of my finds.  I got her this khaki jacket also.
I don't consign a lot these days.  I gave my sister my entire already on a hanger and already tagged stash of kids clothes to sell.  I just don't have time.  And I don't go to the sales that often, because I usually forget about them.  Plus, Mollee is in that "inbetween size" where consignment sales don't have a lot for her, and the boys I can get cheap clothes at Target and Old Navy.

This morning, I picked up my phone and had an e-mail reminding everyone that this consignment sales was 75% off today only.  This week it was adult clothes and home items.  It is 1/2 mile from my house, so I went!

I searched the Small section for Mollee and found these items: an adorable oriental dress, a tie-dye tee, some stripped lounge pants, a brown striped sweater, an olive sweater, a grey striped shirt and a pink/grey striped shirt.
Also got these two jackets for Jason (ok, I might use them too) - one Dockers (light windbreaker) and one Nautica (thick jacket)- $3 each - and they are our school colors!
And I bought Jason some clothes - brown pants, a few polos and some dress shirts.  Of course, the baby blue polo at the front he said was too loud for him (seriously?) and the orange dress shirt may never get worn (Moriah, ask Andy if he may want it, ha).  But, these are all Hilfiger and Gap and I think I paid $1 for each.
And I grabbed a few things for myself - a plaid long skirt, some herringbone pants, a grey sweater, a pink top, a blue jean skirt, some jeans and some khaki pants.
I also got myself a brown jacket and a black purse.

All for $34.  I think I like 75% off consigning that is only 1/2 mile from home. 

Six months until next time.  :)

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