and kids

and kids

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sinking Ship Analogy

I post these things to give a perspective on personalities when we read them in twenty years.

Jason was dealing with a situation within the household and by the end of talking with the boys, we somehow landed on this analogy.  If we were on a sinking ship, this is how we believe our children would react:

Daegan would be the first one in the lifeboat, far away from the ship before anyone else noticed it was sinking.

Mac would have a silent panic attack only resolved if his brothers were in the mood to help him at that moment.

Capps would help anyone and everyone he could.

Tavis would be the one still clinging to the mast as the ship was almost under water, still claiming that the ship wasn't going to sink.

Mollee wouldn't hear what was going on because she had her ipod turned up too loud.

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