and kids

and kids

Friday, September 28, 2012

Homecoming Game

Alumni - Graduating Class of '94 and '92
 This year was Jason's 20th year reunion.
We did go to the Homecoming game (thanks, babe!).  And it was awesome!.  An hour-and-a-half before the game, they had a tent set up with hotdogs and hamburgers for alumni and their families.  They had inflatables for the kids to enjoy and tables for the adults to sit and eat at and socialize.  Kuddos to the school for a well organized event!
Right before the game, the Class of '92 had a tribute for Cheri Trimble.  She was a girl in their class, a very good friend of Jason's, that died of cancer right after their graduation.  They are planting a tree on the campus in her honor and they gave scholarship money to two seniors that resemble her - she was the sweetest girl, with the bubbliest attitude despite her cancer.  She was an incredible woman!
 There is still a debate of how many people were at the game, I'll get back to you on that, but it was a sea of blue and gold for sure!
 Mollee and her new friend MacKenzie
 The other desire for us to be at the game was for Team Andrew.  Andrew, our local humble hero, and CCS  Alumni, was also going to be at the game.  They set up a fancy sitting area for Andrew and family.
 At halftime, he came out on the field via this jeep..
 and stepped out onto the field...
 and stood for a presentation.  It was awesome!
The school has been collecting $2 for Drew for about a month.  They've encouraged that those that could, to bring $2 for Andrew each Tuesday.  On a whole they collected $8k to go toward the house they are building .
The school has also been selling Team Andrew shirts and all proceeds were going to the house.  There have been bake sales and other various activities.  On a whole, the school has raised $22,500 to go toward the home for Andrew and Tori.  

Click here to view the video of the presentation.

I wonderful, forever-in-our-memories evening that consisted of old friends, lollipops, lots of cotton candy on top of a huge crowd and there may have been some sweat!!

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