and kids

and kids

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Farm Birthday

What a wonderful Fall weekend to have a birthday party at a farm.  It took almost an hour to get there, but well worth it!

The birthday boy was turning 5!
And his sister was turning 2 (with her beautiful mom)!
They had hikes, scavenger hunt, a hay ride
Grandpa was the hay ride driver
And my Mollee was not phased by the horrible smell in the calf barn.  She got right in there and fed them by hand.  (see my so-not-surprised face)
Capps opening peanuts for the birthday girl!
Where there is fire, little boys will come!
Daegan, of course, was in heaven!

I snuggled by the fire most of the evening with my cute little buddy, Quinn.
And Jason too!
Happy Birthday Carson and Emily!

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  1. Aww, thanks for posting these! We are so glad you guys came!! Sorry I didn't get to say bye! Here's hoping I don't get sick like that ever again. I think I sat in the shower for 45 minutes trying to get the shaking to stop. John kept coming in and asking if I wanted to come down and say bye to everybody. Ha.


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