and kids

and kids

Thursday, October 4, 2012

P/T Conferences

I started the day bright and early this morning with Parent/Teacher Conferences.  I wanted to talk with Mollee's main teachers and then talk with the boy's individual Elementary School teachers.  In order to get them all scheduled, I had to go with the times that were open:

7:30 - Mr. Novenson, Bible
7:45 - Mr. Russell, Math
8:00 - Mrs. Bond, English
8:15 - Ms. Cooper, Eastern Civilization
8:30 - Ms. Flores, Science.

On a whole for Mollee, she is doing great!  I love that each teacher, every year, tell me she is so sweet and makes a conscience effort to sit with kids that don't seem to have friends.  If nothing else, that is awesome!  But she really has jumped right into Jr. High  (and soccer) and has kept up with her work and has all A's and B's right now - and I am very happy about that. 

On to the Elementary School:

8:40 - Mrs. Wieldraayer, Mac - he is doing fine.  At the Fall Party he was very goofy and I was relieved to hear that he isn't like that all day.  At the beginning of the year he was way far behind as far as recognizing letters (compared to my other kids that I actually worked with), so he had ground to gain, but Mrs. W said he is already where he needs to be.  School exhausts him, but he loves it!

9:00 - Mrs. Wilson, Daegan - he is Daegan, rathering reading than recess, but they are pushing him to do a little more work this year.  They have started a program where the kids are divided into four groups depending on their level.  Daegan is at the top level, which frustrates him because he can't just "wing it" with spelling words, etc.  He actually has to study.  That has been an adjustment for him.  When I met with Mrs. Wilson, she asked if we should move him back down so he doesn't get frustrated?  No way, make him work!!!

9:20 - Mrs. Rulon, Capps - he is a joy!  Mrs. Rulon said that she loves Capps' sweet spirit and his goofiness.  She said if she thinks about her class outside of school and he comes to mind, it always makes her smile.  He is doing great in school and continues to go to the Discovery Room for some advanced thinking. 

9:40 - Mrs. Gordon, Tavis - he is a good kid and he is a talker.  She forgot to add - he is a charmer too!  Tavis has actually done very well this year to keep up with his work.  I'm not sure why, maybe it is the big binder they require, it helps them keep all their papers together.  I am very proud of him and he is doing great.  His biggest struggle is math, which is a separate teacher and I forgot to make an appt with her.

It was a long morning, but well worth all the information I received!

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