and kids

and kids

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Celebrating a day early!

Mollee has one of those birthdays that gets rushed a lot because it is also a holiday (Halloween or Reformation Day, whatever you desire to call it).  Our life is rushed a lot right now, and I wanted to slow down, so I surprised Mollee with celebrating a day earlier.

The boys and I went to pick this up after school:
 And they knew she would want a balloon, so we set the table and hooked it to her chair.
 She was pleasantly surprised when she returned from soccer.

She didn't even realize what was going on when she and Daddy picked up Taco Bell for dinner, her request.

Presents first - blue and green dragonfly earrings
 A new jean jacket
 A purse and a slingbag
 Birthday singing and candles (and Tavis being a goof)
And the crew!!!
Happy Birthday, Moo!

Somehow, I ended up with a 12-year old?

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