and kids

and kids

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Productive Week!

Sometimes it stinks when Jason is waiting for another job to start, but sometimes it makes for a lot of home projects to get done.  Of course, no pay, but work done. (picture me holding my hands out like scales tipping back and forth).  But it is awesome to have Jason home and getting to eat lunch with him everyday!!

So, it has been one of those weeks.  The productivity (all by Jason and our buddy, Shone):
  • Yard work - grass cut, branches cut out of tree that needs to come down, and grass planted
  • House painting completed (remember we started that 2 years ago?)
  • Front porch rail painting almost completed (ran out of paint and it had to be special ordered because Jason is very particular about his oil paint)
  • Major garage clean out - tons thrown away, many things listed as "free" on Facebook and retrieved, and room for the frig to be moved to the garage
  • New frig (Pops and Mimi's old one) picked up and moved into the kitchen 

(side story about the new frig) - as you can see the freezer is on the bottom and the frig is on the top.  It is supposed to be easier because you don't have to bend over to reach things in the frig.  Unfortunately, the kids can't reach the drawer in the frig (where the cheese sticks hang out) and other things - trying to work out a new place for things.  But to have a frig in the garage will hopefully cut back on running to the story every day for two gallons of milk.

Next productive week for Jason - I hope to get my new china hutch fixed (glass broke in the move from Mima's house).  Jason is afraid of the expense because it has to be cut to fit the window (think ornate archway).  We have had two china hutches for way too long and I'd love to get my living/dining room area organized with only one hutch.

Also, I can't to get my office painted and the toddler bed put away.....

Thanks babe for all your hard work!  Just for that, I'm letting you have all day Saturday to play Xbox.  :)

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