and kids

and kids

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Folder Preview

Every Tuesday, the Elementary School kids are supposed to bring home all their work from the previous week.  For some, this is fun.  For others, this can be painful.  Yet, for one (oldest boy), not to name any names, this is the first week I've seen any of his.

I'll probably share more of Mac's later, but here are some samples:

This assignment was draw a picture about the book "Ping" and try to spell the title.  Love it!
This one was draw something with pumpkins - he chose to draw someone "karate-chopping pumpkins" (love the eyebrows).
Capps' class has been working on writing letters and writing journal entries.  Here is his journal entry about Fall Break.
The word that Mrs. Rulon circled and couldn't figure out was "terrorizers" - a favorite game around here!
I didn't quite know what to pick out of Daegan's pile to share, and I know this is hard to read since it was written in pencil, but I love the comment on the side - "Watch out for run on sentences".  That boy lives in a run on sentence!
 Tavis had drawings on ALL of his papers, thought I'd share this one!
Mollee doesn't bring home her papers anymore, but I do get to see some from time to time.  I also have access to all her grades (instantly) via the internet.  I will say that she was practicing her flute tonight and I was pleasantly surprised!

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