and kids

and kids

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fall Parties 2012

Today was Fall Parties (times four - or five).  The schedule of parties fell nicely for me, but was still exhausting.
 Mollee's Gap Group was having their own Fall Party at lunch, so I ran in that real quick to say hey!  Then Tavis and Daegan's were at 12:45 and Capps and Mac's started at 1:30 - so they were spread out a little bit.
 Mac painting a pumpkin!
 And a scary grin to share!
 They decorated pumpkin shaped rice krispy treats.  Mac is looking at it saying, "I can't eat that, I might get my fingers sticky?"
 Capps (he was the ninja and you can see a Gingerbread Man sitting next to him) - his class worked on estimation jars and then they had a box with multiple fall items in it.  They looked at it for 15 seconds and then it was taken away and they had to see how many things they could remember seeing.  Quite fun!
 And, of course, the ole' Pumpkin Roll Race
 Every night at dinner we hear reports about Whit - today, I finally got to meet her.
 This picture of Daegan throwing the hula hoop (trying to "Ring a Pumpkin") cracks me up.  He is such a rule follower - look at him trying to keep his toes behind the line.  :)
 A really cute craft that he added way too much 'Daegan' into.
 Carrying a Pumpkin on a Spoon Race
 Tavis not smiling with Jake
 Tavis wins BINGO!
 5th Grade Activities outside
 I went here and there and back and forth and then again.  Ended here with a story time in Mac's class.
So fun!

One of the Mom's in Mac's class told me that Mac should do slapstick comedy.  Hmmmm.

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