and kids

and kids

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Mac as Iron Man, this picture was taken at about 4:00, he was ready and he wanted his picture ASAP!
 My now 12-year old daughter pulled off the perfect Punk Rocker!
 Capps as Bobba Fett
 Trying to figure out who would win in a battle?
 Only Daegan could pull this warrior costume off, and be proud to do it!  Mustache, inflatable stomach, low pants, etc.  Can you say confident?
 Tavis on the other hand worries about looking goofy.  He wore jeans and a black turtle neck (which he wears about three times a week).  Added hat and gun made him a robber.
 Group Shot, with Daddy with a Flashlight
 And everyone in character!!!

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