and kids

and kids

Friday, January 18, 2013

Mac's other birthdays

Sunday with the Caines - this is how Mommy bakes a cake!
Me and my boy!  I promise he is mine, even if the coloring looks off (Aunt Ruth, you can relate, right?) - I remember he was this pale when he was born too.
 Cousins and David Smith family singing.
 Jason was proud of this picture because I am in focus looking at my Mac and he is smirking so cutely in the "background".
 Tonight we had birthday with the Brown's.  Really cute cookie cake!
 Mac and Pops!
 Daegan and Mac looking intently at new Lego gift.
 Apparently, Daddy is impressed with this one!
 Everyone enjoying the gifts afterwards.
 And thus the birthday celebration is done.

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