and kids

and kids

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommy's Letter to Mac

For past blog birthdays, I've done different things.  I've done picture "remembering" posts.  I've done some of my favorite photos.  I've done "birth story" posts.  Just different things for the kids to have down the road.  This year, I'm going to do a "letter from Mommy" to the birthday kid.

To my Mac-aroni, who eats bologna,

Somehow, you've turned six, son.  Daddy is tired of hearing how sad that is to me, but it truely is a little emotional.  There are two-and-a-half years between you and Capps, so I wasn't extremely exhausted and I actually enjoyed you as an infant, and I remember you. When I birthed you, I had no idea you were going to be "the baby".  I assumed there were at least two more coming behind you (two girls - Josie and Cleo, or two boys - Finnbar and Clyde), but my body had other plans.  More importantly, the Lord had other plans.

You have been the most amazing "baby" of the family.  It is a joy to watch how you love to play with your siblings, but when you are home alone, you are fine to entertain yourself.  You love to have your back rubbed, which Daddy and I do, but, honestly, it can't be much different to pet an alligator.

We never used the nursery when you were a baby, and then you hated Sunday School for so many years.  This is stressful for so many parents, but I loved it.  You sat quietly in your seat in the adult class, until Daddy decided it was time.  It took you many weeks to adjust , but you survived and you loved it.  Everyone thinks you are quiet and shy, but the truth is you are very goofy and can talk up a storm if allowed. 

You have a strange fascination with tiny toys (single Lego pieces or Bionicle pieces) but you have the best imagination and do well with whatever.  I love to watch you giggle when you get a hold of my phone and play Angry Birds.  One of my other biggest joys is to watch you dance.  You love it, you are free spirited, you've got moves - but you are learning not to do anything much when I have my camera rolling.

I enjoy your stories at dinner about your day and it makes me laugh when your day is ruined by one recess incident.  You are a little dramatic, son.  It is always hilarious when you get upset about something - like when Mollee gave you half of a banana the other day, on my request, and you didn't want it, we all laugh, but you clearly don't think it is funny, which makes it funnier.

I love you, Buddy!  I love your kisses and hugs and kisses and hugs at night.  I love your cheesy "camera smile".  I love your sparkly grey eyes.  I love your silly, infectious giggle.  I love to watch you dance.  You are so loveable, I think you were very appropriate named Haynes. 

Buddy, I love you so much!!!!  Happy Birthday!

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