and kids

and kids

Monday, January 21, 2013

I like where we are now

When the kids were younger, I was always told (as I am sure all new moms are) to enjoy the kids while they were little, because it wouldn't last long.  I tried to do that.  I feel that I gave a wholehearted effort to enjoy what stage of life we were in.  I had five kids in six years.  So it seemed the stages shifted quickly.

Of course, with work, life, motherhood, or anything, there are stages that you just don't like and you wished were over.  For me, mostly, it was the sleepless nights.  I need sleep and to have a baby, at least, to have my babies, meant nursing every couple of hours for many months.  But, somehow, we survived.

Overall, I loved my little rugrats and I loved to be with them.  I loved running errands with five little ones and field a huge amount of questions from strangers and I even enjoyed all the strange stares.   I love "family fun" and I love making memories, and of course, capturing it all on camera.  And then, blogging about it.  :)

Now, we have suddenly moved into another stage.  Everyone is in school, everyone is fairly self-sufficient.  No diaper bags, no sippy cups, no night-time pullups, no bedtime woes.  We have five kiddos learning to do laundry, cleaning bathrooms, putting new sheets on their beds, cleaning up after dinner and basic picking up after themselves.  Also, keeping up with homework and even Sunday School assignments.  It all adds a new dynamic to the house.

I like where we are now.  I like any excuse to snuggle with Tavis or Mac.  I like shopping with Mollee and Daegan.  I like doing puzzles or coloring with Capps.  I like introducing them to new foods - they know there is no use in fighting it, just taste it and get it done.  I like hanging out at school and helping in their various classrooms.  I like getting to know them on a much personal level.  I like sharing with them how the Lord provides for our family.  I like encouraging them in their prayer life - which has been beyond important to me.  I like dinners where we talk about heaven on one night, but I also love when they get giggly about gas on another.

I like being a mom to my 12, 11, 9, 8 and now 6 year old.  Actually, I love it!

I'm not saying I don't get frustrated.  I'm not saying I'm not exhausted mentally.  But, on a whole, I'm soaking up this time.  NOW!  Because it wasn't long ago that my daughter was born and then I blinked and she was 12.  And now, if I blink again, Mac will be a senior in high school.


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