and kids

and kids

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stitches Removal

We were told to wait 10 days and have Mollee's stitches removed from her finger.  It has been 12 days.  I was going to remove them, but Mollee didn't feel like that was a good idea.  All the other stitches we've had have dissolved, so I haven't had to mess with them.  I feared she would wiggle and fight me, plus I wanted the doctor to look at the fact that she couldn't straighten her finger.  So, I took her to the doctor today.

And, guess what.  The doctor (who I love!) decided I needed to have the experience and he handed me the tools and told me what to do and told me to do it.  Heeheehee - I got to take them out anyway!!!  And I loved it!

And, after they were out, she could straighten her finger. 

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