and kids

and kids

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cookie Day with the Kemps!

We usually try to do a cookie day with Rachel a day or two after school gets out for Christmas.  This year, between their busy schedule and our sickness, we got delayed to after Christmas.  And this year, Chloe got to join us.  It is a great tradition and I'm glad we made it work this year, even if delayed!
 First we did a batch of Star Wars cookies
Then moved on to regular cookies.  Since we are past Christmas, we did some Christmas, but added in hearts, dog bones, whales, snowflakes, etc.

Chloe capturing it all on her phone!
 Mollee took over rolling out the dough for the last few batches - so proud!
For the record - Skip (some of you know her as Rachel) wore jeans today!!
 The Daddies came home and the Mommies went and picked up dinner - fried chicken and potato wedges.

The Kemps bought us a few Star Wars books for Christmas - so the boys were checking them out.
Mollee and Chloe were watching Dance 4 and listening to the music, not a lot of burning energy going on here.  
 Me and the hubs!
Then we started the decorating!!!
 Don't let Jason fool you, he was just drinking coffee.
 See this determined face on Dusty's face?  He was working hard on his masterpieces.
Thumbs up for the finished product.  
And a group shot!
The after mess and
the clean up by Jason and Dusty!
Then a game to finish up the night!

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