and kids

and kids

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Talking about Sports

Tonight at the dinner table we were discussing sports.  Mollee isn't sure she wants to play soccer again (I'm biting my tongue hoping she will change her mind - it was a rough first season and I know she could be a really, really good player).  She is thinking she might want to give cheerleading a try.  I explained to her that isn't just a fun gathering of cheering for your team.  It is competitions, lots of practice, etc.  Not to mention - really, really expensive.  So, we'll see?

Tavis will be in Jr. High next year and is thinking he might want to play football.  I'm ok with this, if he really wants to do it.  We may have to invest in some summer camps to make sure it is what he wants to do.  Also, really, really expensive.

Daegan, as innocently and seriously as our discussion was going, said, "And can I sign up for a knitting class?"

Soooooo typical!

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