and kids

and kids

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What we've learned about having a puppy... the first week.  Good and Bad (in no paticular order)

1) If you can't find your shoes, look in the back of the dog crate.

2) A roll of toilet paper is a lot more fun to shred than you think.  And not so fun to clean up.

3) You can't plan to run errands all day.  The puppy needs to pee.

4) The hardwood floors are always crumb-free!

5) Antique furniture tastes really good.

6) A bark usually means - It is about to thunder or You are about to hear sirens.

7) The kids are getting better about leaving their toys out, because what you leave out will get chewed.

8) Puppies (at least this one), LOVES to snuggle.

9) We picked the perfect age of kids to have a puppy - old enough to take care of him and young enough to keep him tired of playing.

...Drum Roll Please...

10) If you leave the kitchen chairs out (and not pushed in under the table), he can use them to climb onto the kitchen table.  Just like Mac used to do.

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