and kids

and kids

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Omar Bradley Brown

Yep, we got a dog!
We've talked about getting a dog, back and forth over the past few months.  I stated, only if it could be a Boxer. 
This is a long story, but I'll make it as short as I can.  This guy came up for adoption, but I didn't know about it until it was too late.  He had a sister, but she didn't entice me as much, because she didn't have the Boxer markings.
I found out late Friday that the people that had adopted him decided they had too much traveling in their future to keep him.  How could I say No?
He is adorable!  He is 11-12 weeks old.  He has had most of his shots and I was going to get a voucher for his neutering.  How could I say No? 

One day (not even a night yet) and he has done well.  Initially, he ran right into the house, somehow found my office, and pooped in the middle of the floor.  That was his only accident so far.  The kids have been following him around and yelling at him if he squats and running him outside.  They'll be able to do that tomorrow too - and then Monday, I'm on my own.

He is adorable.  He has spent a lot of time with Jason on the screened in porch.  You can tell he is a chewer - so, we'll see if we can stay sane while he is in training.

So, does anyone know who Omar Bradley is?

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