and kids

and kids

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Lunch Mix Up

We don't normally buy hot lunches at school.  There are five kids and they are expensive, and, I don't feel they give a good amount of food for your money.  Of course, Mac's friends get them often and he has asked a few times to get one. 

So I ordered one, but when you order, it is a month in advance.  I wrote it on the calendar and for weeks, Mac has talked about hot lunch. 

And today was the day!  I didn't pack him a lunch and he was so excited.  He talked about it constantly during breakfast.  I texted with his teacher saying how the excitement about hot lunch was the topic of our breakfast.  She texted back that Mac had talked about it at school all day yesterday. 

I got a call about 11:45 from the lunch lady.  She said that Mac had come to counter (she was sorta giggly because she said she couldn't even see him over the counter) to get his hot lunch, but she didn't have him down for a lunch today.  His hot lunch was scheduled for tomorrow.


Mommy-guilt all afternoon!

They always have sandwiches available if a child forgets his lunch, so he had a sandwich and an apple and a bag of chips.  He was taken care of.

And he gets to have hot lunch tomorrow!

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