and kids

and kids

Friday, March 15, 2013

Donuts for Dads

This is another incident for Mac of the "waiting game".  The kindergarten class has always (as long as my kids have been there) done a Mom's Spa near Mother's Day.  In order to do something for the Dads, in recent years, have started Donuts for Dads. 
Capps is the only other sibling to do this, and it was a BIG deal!  Mac has talked about it all week and he has emphasized - "We only bring our Dads, we don't need to bring donuts."  So, I'm assuming, that is what the teachers kept saying.
Anyway, it is a 7:30 gathering, before school of the kids to have a time for the Dads to be in the classroom.  When I got up at 6:00, Mac was on the steps waiting.....Waiting for Daddy to wake up.  The most exciting part was that Mac was going to ride in the truck, with Daddy and with no one else.
I think this picture of him getting breakfast, with bedhead and looking half asleep, says it all.
 Daddy and Mac - heading out!

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