and kids

and kids

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Waterpark (Indoor)

We went to the water park four different times, but I only took my camera once.  I didn't want to get it wet and I didn't want to keep up with it. 

This is what the waterpark looks like from outisde:
And this is what the stairs look like to get up the slides.  Originally, it looked like the lines were forever long, but they really weren't that bad.  If you are out-of-shape, your thighs get quite a work out to get to the top of the slides (yes, I did them many times).
I only have one set of pictures at the bottom of the slides - thankfully, I was behind the camera.  On the shorter slides, you carry your own float to the top (see people on stairs to right).  If you are going on the bigger slide, they require a float for four people and they have a machine that takes them up (see left).  This is Daddy and the three oldest coming down this one!
See how my daughter gets out of the float - so graceful!
This was the Boogie Board Wave Machine.  You get 45 seconds to wow the audience.  Daegan went first:
He did awesome, but ended with wiping out and nailing his head on the bottom.
Capps did great!
And Tavis looked like he was out for a stroll.  Probably too cool to seem like he was having too much fun!
This was the kids clubhouse with some shorter slides for the younger ones.
We spent a lot of time in the wave pool.  Ten minutes of calm seas and then an alarm goes off and ten minutes of waves!  The first time we got in the pool, I just happened to think of telling them about the alarm and the waves.  Glad I did. 
Mac loved it!!!
Daegan (yellow vest) getting a face-full of wave!
Mollee and Tavis were all over the place, but I snapped this one while they were waiting for the waves to turn back on.
Of course, we kept ending up back at the hot tub, or shall I say hot pool.  Half was inside and half was outside - which was cool since it was snowing the whole time.  (Mac always giving a sign in pictures).
Mollee and Daegan posing with Molly the Moose.
And, by the end of the day - kids were getting weary and looking like this:
So many fun stories to tell.  I wonderfully fun few days! 

Dry Park/Arcade pictures to come....

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