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and kids

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mommy's Letter to Daegan

Oh, my Daegan Dear!

You will turn 10 today at exactly 2:35.  In perfect Daegan form, you've set your watch alarm clock for that time and you know exactly where you will be sitting when you turn 10 - in Art class.  You've been 'waiting' for your birthday since Christmas. 

You are an incredibly unique creation.  You entered this world like none of the others did (Daddy delivered you and you were covered in vernix).  And you live your life like none of the others.  You have your own sense of style.  And you don't care what people think.  You are reliable.  You could take or leave the social world.  You are a joy to me!

Son, you are my middle child, but you are not the typical middle child.  Actually, I am a middle child and you and I are very similar to me.  If I need a household chore done, I always rely on you to make sure it gets done.  I apologize now if that has brought you any stress, but you are so good at just getting any task done.  You are way too reliable for any child to be. 

That is probably why you are so good at Legos.  You put them together so quickly, I can't even fathom how it is possible.  I love to watch you work on them, with your glasses falling down your nose.  And your excitement.  Even if it is a set you've put together twenty times, you are still excited to do it again. 

You are a smart boy, Daegan!  And I'm so proud of you!  You get straight A's, I rarely have to remind you to do your homework. You are like me in many ways, but when it comes to school work - you are nothing like me - school seems easy for you.  You scored almost perfect scores on the standardized testing at school.  That is awesome, and I don't want to brag to people about it, but I'm posting it here because I'm so impressed by it.  And then there is chess.  You wanted to learn to play chess and kept bugging me about it.  Finally, you just read a book to learn.  I made fun of you and told you that you can't learn to play chess from a book.  You ride your bike down the street to play with Papa.  And on the third try, you beat him.  I know, more bragging, but, boy, you amaze me!  All you did was read a book.

Daeg, you are probably my least snuggly of my kids.  You give awkward hugs, but I'm learning how much your love language is actually "quality time".  I work in your classroom once a week.  And you look forward to that day each week, and you always talk me into staying to eat lunch with you.  And you always are the one that wants to run errands with me.  I love running errands with you!

So, you are now 10.  Finishing up 3rd grade.  I pray we can keep you challenged enough at school that you don't get bored.  I look forward to what the Lord has in store for you.  I'll take hugs when you'll give them.  I'll run errands with you any time.  I'll by you bright red pants or crazy looking shirts too.  And I might, maybe, play you in chess.

Love you!


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