and kids

and kids

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fun Mom Wednesday # .....

I've lost count what number it is because we had vacation and one Wednesday was travel day and that was fun, because we were heading to the beach.  Right?  And then the next week, we were at the beach!  And then the next week, my work schedule was recovering from vacation and I barely ate that week, barely leaving my desk...

So, this week?  No idea what number it is?  But, I do know, that at noon, it was 71 degrees.  Not 90 degrees, but 71.  So, we went to the park.  We took frisbees, a hacky-sack, and a football and just went to be active.  And, I didn't take my camera.

And without carrying around a camera, or, even a bag I needed to worry about someone snagging, I was able to toss the frisbee with my kids.  And catch the football, or knock it out of the air and pick it up on the ground.  :)  It was fun.  I was in there playing.  So no pictures, but I was participating.

We then walked down to the river and snapped this on my phone:

And then we went and rode the carousel, went up and got some ice cream and then the kids played in the fountain and got soaked in their clothes.  It was great!!!!

Only one more Fun Mom Wednesday left this Summer, how crazy is that????

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