and kids

and kids

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer coming to an end!

This is the last full week of summer. It has been a good two months (remember when it was three?). At the dinner table last night we listed all the fun we've had this summer and then everyone picked their favorite........ Music Camp, the Beach Trip, Fireworks on the Fourth, Bowling, the Lake, Library and Playground on Thursdays, and a few I haven't blogged about like multiple picnic/playground trips, going to the pool many, many times, playing in the sprinkler, free movies at the Rave, etc. It has been a fun, full summer!

I had fun listening to the kids remember certain parts of each adventure. They got very animated and excited at all this remembering and it helped me realize how important these memories are to make (not matter how much work they are for me sometimes).

This summer we've had a lot of picnics and not a lot of fast food, due to not a lot of work to go around for trim carpenters. Today I decided to treat the kids to McDonald's - and get Happy Meals!! We haven't gotten Happy Meals for a few years, we usually take our own drinks and get the least amount of food as possible. The kids were very estatic and very appreciative for the Happy Meal news. I called a new friend to join us and she and I got to visit while the kids played on the playground.

It was another summer memory to store away.

The kids get to meet their teachers next Tuesday and then school starts Thursday.


  1. yeah what happened to getting out mid-may and going back the last week of august?


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