and kids

and kids

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you say H-O-T?!

Today was all about our kindergartner!
They had their Spanish Program today
(don't you love that toothless grin)Along with two songs from choir and an explanation from the art teacher what they have done this year.

Then I ate lunch with Capps and Goodwin, Daegan and LukeThen it was time for Kindergarten Field Day. It is too much for them to have Field Day the same day as the 1st-5th graders, so they have their own day.

I got Mollee and Tavis out of class to cheer for Capps, Daegan had a party going on in his class and he hates the heat, so I left him in class.It was HOT!!!The Parade through school - and all the big kids stand on the edges to cheer on the kindergarten.
Capps and Keegan were a pair - the kids did the different activities in twos!Capps did great at the football throw.Not so grand at yolf (yard golf)He enjoyed the soccerThis one, not sure what it was called, but he kept throwing his way too high!

And then, the big 4-way tug-o-war!

Did I mention how hot it was? Goodness gracious, it was miserable!

How awesome it is to have everyone gather for a prayer afterwards!

I decided we'd get half-priced slushies from Sonic on the way home and guess what, our Sonic's slushie machine was not working - it hasn't been working the past four times we've been??? Normally, I'd say forget it and go home, but today we all needed a cool down so we drove to another one.

(I was going to avoid the slushies to avoid the calories, but tried the Low-Cal Cherry Limeade, it wasn't that bad and it was only 10 calories instead of 180!)

And when we got home, I got out a "sprinkler" that I had bought for $2.99 at the end of last season.
1 more day!

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