and kids

and kids

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Madness

Around here, we have May Madness every year. It is always crazy. There is always a lot going on with school coming to a close - field trips, special choir programs, field days, projects, etc. It doesn't help that the motivation of everyone is lacking.

And we don't even do sports on the side.

Last week I had David twice, Tavis had a dentist appointment, I went to a surprise birthday party for a friend, and I ran lots of errands I wanted to get done before I have everybody at home. My nieces, Eleanor and Louisa, were supposed to be staying with us this weekend. Louisa got sick, so she didn't come, but El came and I took her to school on Friday to eat with the 'big kids' and then she tagged along for some grocery shopping. Then Friday night, she and Mollee decided to spend the night with Grandma.

Saturday started with laundry and yard work, then a birthday party from 1-3 for the boys, then picking up Mollee and El from my Mom's, haircuts, pizza pickup for dinner, showers/baths for everyone, then trying to help El not be homesick (her parents were out-of-town) - lets just say benedryl might have helped out.

Sunday, we made it to church just fine with six kids, then we went to Mom and Dad's for a quick lunch, said our goodbyes to Grandpa J and Grandma J, home for rest time, popcorn and cereal for dinner (our standard Sunday night dinner), disappointment that our local ABC wasn't airing the America's Funniest Videos that my brother and family were going to be on, and bedtime.

I always feel like our weekends are chaotic?

This week, I'll have David again, Daegan has another dentist appointment (round 2 of all the work he needed done, a little painful for him and for our checkbook) tomorrow, plus allergy shots, Capps has a dr appt Wednesday (more on that later), I have 4th grade lunch on Thursday, and a 1st grade field trip to the zoo on Friday. And I'll just assume that Jason is working on Saturday.

Then next week is a choir program Monday night, Tuesday is kindergarten Field Day and Wednesday is the last day of school, and Thursday is a picnic/swim party for the elementary school.

Unfortunately, we don't have any big summer plans. No trip this summer is a little bit of a bummer. :( But I am excited about no homework (except for reading and staying on top of math facts, of course). Plus, I'm looking forward to not traveling back and forth to school so much and paying for ridiculously priced gas.

*Phew* 7 days left!!!

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  1. This is a busy month for you! I feel the same way about our summer. Many visitors/trips and now my brothers wedding. We need to get together more with the kids this summer!


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