and kids

and kids

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where a kid can be a kid!

When I was a kid, it was Showbiz! Now it is Chuck E. Cheese.

We always take the kids there for a last day of school celebration. This year, we invited Dusty and Rachel to come with us - a Great Idea! Mollee gets tickets by being a jumper!!For Daegan, it is all about the tickets, and he played right here for a chance of the jackpot, which he got and then the game stopped working. Note to self: do not take Daegan to Vegas!Jason used two coins at this game and stood here at least 20 minutes.I don't have many pictures of Capps because he is a hoarder saver, every time I went to go see what he was playing, he just couldn't decide. Mollee convinced him to team up with her a few times.Mac liked to walk around putting coins in games and then walking off - I think I remember this from last year?And the mohawks shooting baskets (there was a surprising number of kids with mohawks at CEC tonight?)So, it is expensive and loud and takes forever for the kids to spend their tickets (on items that Moriah would throw away by the next morning), but they love it! And we only do it once a year!

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