and kids

and kids

Friday, May 6, 2011

Field Day 2011

Ahh, Field Day - once again!

Kindergarten waiting on the curb to cheer for the 'Parade of Nations' Each year they pick four nations for the kids to have as teams, then they learn about those four nations throughout the week before Field Day. I had two on green for Saudi Arabia and one red for Germany.

Uncle JR was walking from his house to a car repair shop and when he saw what was going on, he stopped and was able to cheer on the niece and nephews. That was a big deal to them!

They paraded through the school campus, to the track!Jason got to come for part of the morning, so that was very fun to have him there this year!Mollee and Tavis blew away the competition with their speed, I heard Daegan did too, but I was running between three fields and I missed both of his races :(Daegan in the canoe raceand throwing a football (not too sure about this form)
Mollee throwing the fox tailDid I mention how happy I was Jase got to come, the kids were so excited too!

The Capps/Mac cheering section (notice Mac in red and green)Tavis in the 3-legged race

And then the grand finale - 4-way Tug-O-War - a really, really big deal! First one to have your back player touch the cone behind your team. They competed in shifts according to grades.Daegan (I was on the wrong side to be taking photos) - 1st gradeTavis - 3rd grade

Mollee - 4th grade

My athletes!!!Do you like how well I represented my athletes? (Of course, I felt like Christmas)

The crew!

After a lot of exercise, windburn and sunburn, gatorade and granola bars, we went to McDonalds to play on the outdoor playground.

They were handing out free frozen lemonades (which I would highly recommend) so I sat back and the kids played for almost two hours!

I love it when the ourdoors is enjoyable (Moriah, you know how we hate heat - ha)

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