and kids

and kids

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The boys have been bugging me for over a month to get a mohawk. OK, mostly Daegan. I told them I didn't know how that would be viewed at school, but I'd cut one as soon as school was out. Then Carson got one and they couldn't believe they had to wait!

Today was the day!

I feared Daegan's previous hair cut was too short, but it ended up being perfect! I love it!!!

Tavis said he wanted one too, but I didn't think he'd really go thru with it. He did say he didn't want it shaved to the skin like Daegan's on the side, but his top hair was too long. He let me spike it oncebut had me cut the top a little bit.Not sure how long he'll keep it? But Daegan loves his, and so do I.

(before Tavis' top trim)

Now Daegan wants me to add colors to his spikes. Hmmmm.


  1. So fun! I hope Cody will let me do this to him one of these days! :-)

  2. Clyde love his back in "09...he's thinking about trying it again (he wants colors too ;) are we THAT brave??

  3. hilarious!! i love Daegan's spikes! I'm ready for Carson's chicken hair to be gone now.


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